Everyone is invited. Shoot something really pro, or do it with your phone, animate graphics, take a piece of your favourite film, stop motion, timelapse, underwater, whatever!
Make a loop, hit “SEND A LOOP” and submit it.

Send as many loops as you wish. See the latest entries, the most voted or randomly. Look at the other loopers work. Vote! Tell your grandma to vote yours. Share it to your social media. Be the best of you category and win a ham!

(if you live overseas we may send a salami instead)




Fakealoop is a game. Fakealoop is a contest! Fakealoop is about animation, filmmaking, design… but most of it Fakealoop is about having fun!
Fakealoop is the place where we want to meet with our and team players, clients, film and animation students, and competitors.


The Fakestudio is a production company based in Barcelona (HQ) and Madrid, represented by Garage Films in the US, Mexico and Colombia.
We specialize in animation, design and VFX.
Feel free to contact us at fake(at)